ELF MAIL SACK - Mini Christmas Bag
ELF MAIL SACK - Mini Christmas Bag
ELF MAIL SACK - Mini Christmas Bag

ELF MAIL SACK - Mini Christmas Bag

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♥️ Do you want your kids on their BEST behavior ALL the time?

♥️ Need a nice stocking stuffer packaging or a gift card cover? 

♥️ Is your Elf Out of ideas already?

♥️ Santa Mail directly from the North Pole, approved by Santa himself via the crazy elves is here! 


ELF MAIL SACK - Mini Christmas Bag


It's time for those crazy Elves to help spread Holiday cheer!!! Whether your kids are Naughty or Nice, help Santa and the Elves deliver things in style (3 sizes available)


This drawstring pouch is made from unbleached cotton muslin. There is a double-knotted cord at the very top of the bag to close and open the pouch. Because these pouches are handmade the outside measurements listed below are approximate and no two bags are probably identical.

Available Sizes:

4" x 6"
5" x 7"
8" x 10"

Color: Off-White with a heat pressed design in the center.

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